For me, this record expresses the feeling of living in a world where domestic life and personal things stand in the shadow of huge uncertainty and darkness. It is meant to be a colorful reaction to the darkness and to this particular moment in time, which seems primarily to be filled with endings of one kind or another.


Half of the songs are personal, half are not. Looking at them now, I think it's right to say that the personal ones explore my process of adjusting to family life, being a father and a husband. The other songs look outward at the world and tell stories about life in decadent, terrible times.


The words ultimately are there to recreate the feeling I think many of us have of trying to live beautiful lives in ugly times.

The many vocal parts on the record are there to celebrate the fact of singing and dwell in the voice as the first among all instruments.

The many cross-rhythms and layers under the words have something to do with a "both/and" kind of mentality. I love the fact that there are multiple true ways to hear this music. 

Making records with songs on them is still a satisfying way for me to tell stories and to use creativity to understand, or at least to feel, something that might approach the truth.

I hope Latecomers offers you something like that. Thank you for listening.