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Michael Zapruder - Songwriting and Records

“Michael Zapruder makes beautiful folk-pop ballads resonant of the voice

of Rufus Wainwright and wordplay of Andrew Bird" - Pitchfork

Serious Light (EP) - 2022
Latecomers (LP) - 2020

“Latecomers” is a singer-songwriter album at its core, but a remarkably creative and sophisticated one, both musically and lyrically." Austin American-Statesman

Pink Thunder (LP) - 2012

“…a work of extraordinary merit and historical significance….” Huffington Post

Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope (LP) - 2009

“If Beck’s “The New Pollution” and Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris” conceived a child, it might sound something like this…” Pitchfork

New Ways of Letting Go (LP) - 2006

“…a remarkable effort from a very talented songwriter.” Popmatters

This is a Beautiful Town (LP) - 2002

“…there’s just no way to overstate how good this record is… crushingly lovely ….Go get it.” – Performing Songwriter Magazine

52 Songs (4xLP) - 1999
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